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Dear Parents/Carers


In 2010 I wrote to you to seek your support with issues that were causing the PDHPE staff at Kotara High some concern. This letter updates that situation to 2013.

The main issue - exactly what is an appropriate sports shoe.  Some progress has been made in this area with the school changing it's position in some areas and seeing the need to remain firm on others. We have accepted that fashions have changed and that we must accept that sports shoes come in a variety of colours and the colour does not change it's effectiveness as a sports shoe. As a result we are prepared to accept sport shoes in all colours.  We still believe, however, that to meet the standards that would be set by WH&S (Workplace Health and Safety) and for us to feel that the shoe is safe for students on hard surfaces, we believe the shoe needs to have the appropriate amount of support and a sole of a reasonable thickness.

It is therefore our intention to:

Continue to enforce the ban on inappropriate shoes. - This means that flat soled canvas shoes will be unacceptable and students will no longer be allowed to participate in lessons wearing these shoes. Volleys, Converse, Vans, Skate shoes and fashion shoes (even if they are made by a sports shoe company) are also seen as being unacceptable for sporting activity.

Our intention to ban these shoes for sport and PDHPE has been clearly conveyed to students and parents over a period of time and should hopefully now be accepted as school policy.


The second issue continues to be an issue but to a lesser extent. This relates to wearing of sports uniform to school. We have identified the following concerns we would like to address:-

v  Students mixing articles of clothing from our sports uniform and/or their school uniform  This is not allowed

v  Students wearing black shorts that are not sports uniform (no school logo). As we have been made aware of some issues with the school sport short we are attempting to address this through our supplier(Lowes). As a result we remain firm on unacceptable shorts being those that are too short, frayed denim or otherwise inappropriate. We are prepared to accept that black shorts of the same cut and length as our school shorts, from an appropriate sports material will be accepted along with the Black school Sports shorts with a logo.

v  Students are never to wear tights/stockings under their shorts. This is a fashion statement and serves no useful purpose. Should students need warmth they should wear a pair of tracksuit pants as required by the uniform.

v  Students should not wear tights instead of shorts. This is not acceptable at school and while there are situations in physical activity (such as aerobics) where tights may be a suitable alternative we cannot accept students wearing these to school. They are not part of our uniform

v  Students should never wear jewellery during PE or Sport. This is a safety issue.


Kotara High has a proud history of students wearing sports uniform and school uniform and always presenting a positive image to the community. We would like to maintain this tradition and take advantage of the fact that we now have a sports uniform which the majority of students find attractive and functional.


Neil Pratten

Head Teacher PD/H/PE